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Spain is a beautiful and attractive country with mountain chains and high plateaus. Spanish music, art, architecture and cuisine have always attracted foreigners to either choose Spain as holiday destinations or rather settle post retirement.

When it comes to property ownership in Spain, a huge drift is seen in the property market over the years. The property cost has seen a fall down in some years and has become a preferable place for investors to invest their money with a long term profit vision. If we go by today’s market position people are not very sure to invest in Spain property as the survey conducted submitted a report which highlighted that the property cost will become half of its present value in the coming seven years .

The location being preferred by investors 

article-2148335-133AA49F000005DC-358_634x421There are two locations these are Barcelona and Costa del Sol which are highly being preferred by the investors as well as people looking to buy a second home or those who are planning to buy a holiday home.

Among all the cities in Spain, Barcelona is an attractive and has an accurate size as well as a wonderful climate due to its closeness to mountains and beaches. This is a safer city according to the residents of Barcelona. Barcelona is well connected to other cities, due to its efficient rail, road and air transport.

crossed-house-clavel-arquitectos-murcia-spain-cantilever_dezeen_sqCosta de Sol is another highly preferred location to buy a property mainly by the investors with long term profit goals. They are more inclined towards building holiday residence, as the old structure no more attract tourist due to low maintenance. Mainly those who wish to settle after their retirement or wish to have a holiday home are more interested to invest in the property of Costa de Sol.

Why Spain?

Spain is highly being preferred by the all the national as well as international clients.

    • Happy family on the floor with cardboard boxes moving in their new home - isolated

      Happy family on the floor with cardboard boxes moving in their new home – isolated

      Economic Crises – due to high economic crises in Spain, it led to the down fall in the prices in the property market, and hence has drawn the attention of foreign investors, to invest in Spanish properties.

    • Flexible Policy Of Government – Government have amended many policies to make it easy for the foreign investors to invest in Spain, this has not only attracted many outsiders towards Spain but also have highly influenced the property market.

  • Golden Visa – The government has taken a huge step to raise its economy and attract investors to its country by introducing the policy of “Golden Visa”. When a person highly invest in property of Spain or in any kind help to raise the economic condition of Spain they are provided Golden Visa, with this visa one need not require work permit to carry out their work in Spain as well as have legal permit to permanently stay in Spain and further claim for citizenship .


Benefits of Investing in the Spanish Property

0644ce22935079.5631aab143b18From the past two years there have been many ups and downs in the real estate market; especially the name which has been making headlines in the real estate market is the Spanish property. These properties have showed an unexpected variation over the past few years. Investments in real estate have been fruitful to many, but for those who does the investment without doing any research work and any background check on the properties, definitely land up with heavy loss. There are many different types of properties that Spain offers its investors.

74204_mediterranean-areas-led-the-way-in-the-spanish-property-recovery-in-march_1_largeSpanish property is a dream investment of many investors from around the world; this is due to the beautiful locations and beautiful architecture of the properties. All the properties in Spain which are kept for investment purpose are maintained so beautifully that they look like they are made just now and put for sell in the market. There are many properties which would attract you towards it, let’s see some of the important properties of Spain below:

  1. Villas:

villa-hdrThe villas of Spain are a treat for your eyes; these beautiful villas are made with such a precision and architecture that they will definitely blow your mind. Moreover many investors get confused when they look for different villa options around Spain. The price of these villas is also demanding and high but it is also a true value for money investment, and till date all the investors who have invested in these villas have either decided not to sell them further and those who have made an investment and sold them further have landed up with heavy sacks of profits at the end.

  1. Bungalows:

SirukundraBungalowFor all those who can’t invest in the villas but still dream of having a big residence, the bungalows of the Spain are equally beautiful and complex in architecture. These bungalows are p reloaded with ever single facility that you can dream of such as; swimming pools, gardens, lawns, gym rooms, etc. these bungalows are also at some of the most beautiful locations of Spain where you can enjoy the view of the sea beaches.

  1. Commercial Properties:

Commercial2In the recent years the market condition of Spain has shown a gradual growth and also the real estate property market of Spain has grown enormously in the past few years. Due to these consecutive growths in the market conditions the Commercial market has shown some activeness in the investors, people from different parts of the world are now interested in investing in the commercial real estate properties of Spain because these properties are comparatively at lower cost but still growing by every single day. Thus the commercial shops, industries, lands, buildings, offices, factories, etc. are a good deal to invest in.

  1. Homes:

Ryland-Homes-Beacon-Pointe-The-HanoverThe homes in Spain are present for every investor as it offers a wide range of price options, which becomes very convenient for the investor to invest in according to the budget of his investment. These homes are for all types of families such as big, small, medium, etc.

Spanish Property – money flows in Spain


Spanish Property market is continuing to be in the middle of recovery as the economic conditions are improving. However the best news is that property demand has increased considerably. This is because there is a great interest in the foreign home buyers. During the mid year of twenty fifteen the sale of Spanish properties dropped   by three point five six per cent. Compare this statistic of the year twenty fourteen where the drop was minus three point five six percent.

The Bank of Spain released some real property figure. During the year ending quarterly twenty fifteen there was a slight drop of zero point one per cent but this figure increased due to adjustment of inflation to zero point nine four per cent.

 For many years the cost of Spanish property has been falling. In fact it has been exactly seven consecutive years that this has been happening. Residential property rose by seventeen per cent to a total of thirty thousand five hundred and seventy eight units in the year twenty fifteen in the month of June. Due to the rise in exiting home prices there was an increase in the sale of homes. Foreign property buyers were the reason for the improvement in property transactions.

hanny-etc-018-SmallAmong the overseas investors it was noticed that Britain accounted for fifteen per cent of the sales. Surprisingly they were followed by French with a sale of ten per cent and then followed by Russia with a sale of nine percent. In the remaining months of the year it is believed that there will be an increase in the sale of Spanish property. Twenty fifteen will prove as a very important year for the Spanish property market because unemployment has declined and the economy is growing faster.

Urban land prices rose by five nine per cent in the first quarter of twenty fifteen compared to the same period last year. Land prices hit the roof by thirty seven per cent in those towns and cities that had a population of fifty thousand people. Spanish house price rose by one hundred and ninety seven per cent from the period nineteen ninety six to twenty thousand and seven. In Spain the price of coastal property raced to two hundred and fifty per cent from nineteen ninety six to twenty thousand and seven. The huge housing boom ended in twenty thousand and eight. There were two reasons for this. One was the global crisis and the second was that credit had dried up.

This brought about a spiraling unemployment and this housing slump literally battered the Spanish economy. The total number of home sales rose by two point two per cent in Spain for the year twenty fourteen. The numbers of units sold were three lakhs nineteen thousand three hundred and eighty nine. This was due to the sale of second hand dwellings which rose by eighteen and four per cent in the year twenty fourteen. The best part of the Spanish property boom was that the interest rate which fell from seventeen per cent to twelve per cent. This drop in the interest rate and is considered to the lowest in Europe.

Spanish property


Welcome to the Spanish Property Homepage – offering you thousands of quality Spanish properties for sale.

Our main specialist area of Spain is Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca south.

We market properties in: Alicante (Costa Blanca), Murcia (Costa Calida), Granada, Jaen, Valencia, Malaga (Costa del Sol) & Almeria (Costa Almeria). Also many other small Spanish villages / towns across mainland Spain.

“Apartments, villas, townhouses, bungalows, off plan properties / new property, country houses, cave houses, farm houses, plots of land, bars and restaurants.”

The Spanish Property Homepage website offers property for all kinds of requirements – for investing, second homes / holiday homes, property to restore / renovate, property in Spain to buy to let and Spanish property simply for permanent living in Spain.

TWE04299Also available with the Spanish Property Homepage – Spanish rental properties up and down the Spanish Costas.

Whatever you are looking for, the Spanish Property Homepage has it, luxury villas in Spain, cheap Spanish property, inland rural Spanish property and coastal apartments – your are sure to find it here

We have hundreds of excellent opportunities to purchase a property in Spain to invest your hard earned money.

New properties with the view to buy to let, these properties also include “1 years FREE guaranteed rental” whether we are able to rent out your property or not. * – On selected properties.

Also old country properties at excellent prices starting from only 35,000 Euros. These properties need restoration – but an excellent opportunity to invest in Spanish property.

We also have traditional Spanish cave houses, plots of land for farming and building. Hundreds of plots ready with planning permission to build your own property in Spain.

Can’t find the Spanish property that you are looking for? Let us do the hard work, we will source the property in Spain of your dreams, simply fill in the contact us directly via telephone, click here for our contact details.

Off plan property


New and off plan property in the past in Spain was a hugely popular way of purchasing property and saving a fair few thousand euros. Also due to supply and demand – it was probably the best way to get around paying over the odds for a resale property, many looked at it as an investment – once the property was completed, placing it on the resale market for a bigger return.

However, now is a different story – the property market is full with resale properties for sale but the constructors continue to build more and more, which is not such as bad thing as they need to be sold ad they are generally a lot cheaper than resale properties anyway.

Buying off plan is still popular with people serious about purchasing a property in Spain but not so much at the current time for investment, for permanent living you can’t go wrong with the saving that you will make compared to purchasing a resale property.

Off plan property horror stories!

Yes, there has been some bad press about off plan properties however, we only use trusted construction companies with good reputations and support IS provided all the way through all aspects of the purchase and after sales help is offered, so you are not alone.

We mainly promote off plan properties / developments on the Costa Blanc and Costa Calida (Murcia), however – if you are interested in a particular development else where in Spain, please send us details of the development and its where abouts and we will get you all the information that you will need.

Rural property

Inland Spanish rural property is becoming hugely popular due to the busy and over priced costas, which has seen a huge influx of property buyers opt to move further inland.

Areas such as Jaen, GranadaMurcia and inland Alicante have all benefited from the movement of foreigners looking for the quiet life in some of these areas in Spain bringing not only more economy to these areas but also more attention and more visitors.

What’s the attraction?

farm_01In general the Spanish countryside in mainly untouched, with stunning scenery and characteristic properties there is enough obvious reasons why many are uping sticks and moving to the Spanish country.

Not only are people able to enjoy to quiet life, but also the real traditions of Spain such as local fiestas, traditional foods of the regions, Spanish wines, history and real Spanish life.

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